Recent translation projects

Marketing and media

  • Interviews, press releases and blog texts
  • TV treatments and synopses
  • Advertising texts on topics such as software, clothing, apps and beverages


  • Press releases and brochures for tourism companies
  • Articles on museums and the history of travel

Higher education

  • Student university guides
  • Articles on academic research

Corporate communications

  • Questionnaires, presentations and e-learning texts
  • Corporate magazines
  • Market research

For information about my literary translation work, please visit my dedicated page.


Translation and proofreading
From German to British English 
Revising and editing English texts
Grammar, spelling and content revision 
Copy writing
Adapting English texts for the UK market
Identifying your weaker areas is just as important as knowing your strengths. I do not accept projects until I have seen the text and assessed whether I can do it justice. If I feel I am not suitable for a job, I may be able to suggest someone who is. Likewise, I may be able to put you in touch with translators working in other language combinations.

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